Endstops hit: X - layer shifts

Hi All,

Just started a print after a little break ~2 months of using the machine and after a small relocation of the printer and I’m getting an error on the display of endstop hit: x and causing a layer shift that ruined the print. Luckily it didn’t waste much filament but it’s still annoying. Can anyone help me troubleshoot? Is it a loose wire perhaps? Problem with the Gcode? I had a little tangle that caused the printer to bind up a while back and caused the z axis to grind but I levelled that out and doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore but never had an issue with the x. For the record is x side to side or front to back? It seems to be a side to side shift but also slightly front to back.

The print isn’t using the full build plate - I’d say 10x10 inches or so.

So an update…I re-ran the print and the failure occurs exactly as before. Literally the exact same error, same amount of layer shift, etc. I’m wondering if this might be a problem with the Gcode perhaps?

I will try to re-process the model and try again. Hmm

Update 2:

It appears it might have been a corrupt Gcode file. I re-processed the mesh in Cura and am printing again. I seems to be running clean now fingers crossed - We’ll see in 30 hours.