error in print time estimation

Hi guys, I started printing my object in Pronterface.
Pronterface said in the console “Estimated duration: 159 layers, 3:03:28”
And I opened the G-code in an online G-code viewer ( and it says estimated print time 2:53:55

BUT, my TAZ has been printing for the last 6 hours!! and it still has about 1/3 to go :confused:

What could be the cause of this discrepancy? It’s a huge difference…


EDIT: if finished now, after SEVEN hours printing!!

The time estimate in Pronterface will fluctuate based off the current speed. As the print moves into the faster infill portion of the print, the time estimate will be more accurate.

Any way we could implement a change to the software for Pronterface to get an aggregate estimate of all estimated speeds throughout?

Its also very hard for pronterface to accurately guess the ETA because it is a program built for all printers. If you bed is quite large, like a TAZ, your estimation time will always be longer because it cannot accurately calculate how long it takes to accelerate>move to new position> decelerate.
The larger the bed, the longer the acceleration/deceleration between moves takes. I wish it was more accurate.

I raised the same question you did at first but i quickly learned to look at the ETA as a ballpark. +2hours is normalish… :frowning:
I suggest using Repetier instead of pronterface, but the same issues with ETA exist there.