Experince with customs?

Hi all!
I live in Greece at the moment and here we usually get LulzBot printers shipped from the UK warehouse. But some products or parts may be not stocked or temporarily out of stock in UK from time to time.

So my question is, did anyone suffer from (or managed to avoid) delays, extra charges, non-deliveries, or other problems due to customs for shipments coming directly from the US to EU?

One parcel, which contained only a some spools of filament, had passed the customs at Athens without any delay or any extra charges. But I don’t know if that is representative and can be expected or if it just randomly slipped the eyes of the inspectors by chance. :smiley:

Do we have any statistics? Any experiences?
Or does anyone know where to find relevant regulations regarding US -> EU import? Thanks!

PS: I’m posting this here in the “Hardware” forum, since I could not find a forum for shipping / customs / trade.