Extrude/retract with LCD screen? Taz 5

I’m wondering if there will be a way to use the LCD screen menu to extrude or retract filament For when I change filament. Is the planned for any future software updates?

I’m not in front of my TAZ right now but this is definitely possible. I believe it is in the menus under Control->Move Axis->1mm->Extruder (or something like that). Basically look for the section for moving X, Y, or Z and you will see it there. Note that neither Z nor Extruder will be listed in the 10mm movement section.

Oh ok. I’ve also seen videos of people manually retracting filament by turning the larger herringbone gear? Is that a good idea or could it cause damage to the extruder? I’m just looking for a way to retract filament when changing spools without plugging the printer into my computer

Are you talking about for swapping filament?

I manually rotate the heringbone gear when I need to clean out the teeth but I only do it when the motors are turned off.

It does exist in the movement section in the menues, but only in the .1 and 1mm section.

It does not appear in the 10 or 100mm section.