Extruder Head V2 for Taz 4

I’m currently working on installing the Single Extruder Tool Head V2 on my Taz 4 and would like to verify that I’m plugging the short wires from the “fangtooth kit” into the right spot on the RAMBo. I’m following these instructions and the step I’m talking about is step 10. https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/taz4-hexagon-toolhead/accessories/

I took a picture of where I figured the wires would have to go but would like a second opinion since the picture in the manual is hard to see and it doesn’t seem in the same place. I’ve plugged the female connector into the furthest right pins in that row.

Taz 4 .JPG

You appear to be in the correct plug spot with the correct polarity, if you are talking about the black and red wire on the 6 connector pin row just below the main CPU on the board.