extruder reverses instead of extruding

The extruder motor on my TAZ seems to be reversed. When I press extrude on Pronterface, it reverses the filament. When I press reverse, the motor pulls in the filament and extrudes. When I ran the bed level test print, the printer moved along the correct path, but it did not extrude any filament. Instead, it pulled the filament out of the feed hole. Please help. Thanks

do the wire colors in the motor connector match? should be a few inches from the motor.

It looks like two of the wires may be reversed. From right to left on the top, the wire colors are red, blue, green, and black. From right to left on the bottom(end attached to the motor), the wire colors are blue, red, green and black.

if this is a new lulzbot printer, I would contact them first…not sure if switching those wires would work, or cause other problems.

We’re working with him to see what needs to be done. Thanks!