Extruder too low?

Can the height of the extruder be easily changed? With any of the prints I try, it seems like the extruder is to low to the build plate which causes the filament to build up and eventually stick to the hotend. I’m not sure if this is the main issue for the printing problems I’ve been having, but is there an easy way to to raise the extruder height?


EDIT: Printer I’m using is Taz 6.

Yes, quite easily – that’s the z-offset that you wish to adjust.

I use the following instructions on my Mini, the TAZ-6 is very similar in terms of procedure.

If you get the z-offset looking good (per instructions linked in post above), and still have the same issue, the next to things are:
1 - Measure filament diameter with calipers, and enter the value into slicer;
2 - Calibrate E-Steps. Here’s a guide for that: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/extruder_calibration/calibration/

After all 3 of those… If you still have the issue, reduce the extrusion multiplier by 5% (0.95, or 95%) and see if that helps.