extrusion problem!!


I have been using my taz since it arrive with no problem at all.
but when the firt roll of filament ended and i replaced with a new one i couldn’t get it to extrude constantly.

the extrusion works fine for almost a layer but then it stops and when i retract the filament it is worn out.

i tried cleaning it and adjusting the software but none has worked.

anyone has an ideia of what is going on?


Did you change the brand of filament you were using?

You didn’t change from PLA to ABS did you?

check the small set screw on the small gear that drives the larger gear on the extruder itself. that sometimes works its way loose. Also check the idler bearing. they can jam up from time to time causing your filliament to get chewed up by the hobbed bolt. If all 3 bearings in the filliament chamber don’t work smoothly, you will want to replace the ones that are stuck. Poor quality filliament can also cause similar issues, but that is rare.