Faded color issue with Polylite Black PLA

Printer - Lulzbot Mini 2.0

Filament - Polymaker Polylite Black

Slicer - Cura for Lulzbot Edition - Polymaker Polylite Profile

What I tried - I print using the profile which is 205/60, but I have also tried 210/60 & 215/60 and end up with the same results. No changes between using the Standard or High Detail profiles.

I’m not concerned about the detail , just about why the top (finished) layer of the print is so rough looking color wise? The entire print is a nice dark steady black while printing, but when it’s done the top layer looks like it’s sun faded / sanded for some reason.

I’m just trying to figure out if the spool I have is “off/bad” or if there is something else I should be looking at. I haven’t noticed this issue much with other colors so far, but I have yet to test all of the new spools I just got in. I have been looking at the “quality problems” lists and haven’t come across this exact issue which is why I’m asking.

Thanks in advance.