Fan/Blower Screw Mating Hardware

Would anyone know the part number for the cylinder nuts for the Lulzbot Taz 5 fan and blower? I’ve dug around and could not find what is used nor where to get replacements. I printed my on carriage and need these nuts to mount the fan and blower. Thanks.

Attached is an image of them. I believe the blower nut is M2 and the fan is M3. I could not find the parts on McMaster.

I use 3mm x 5mm x 4mm injection molding nuts from Amazon:

On mcmaster do a search for “heat set insert”

The heatsink blower is probably a M2 cap screw. In a pinch use a M2 hex nut… put it on the soldering iron tip and press into the mount. - blower - Fan

The actual heatsink blowing apparatus is probably the M2 cover mess. In the pinch start using a M2 hex nut… don it the soldering flat iron word of advice in addition to press to the mount.