Filament 'hair' in prints

Howdy, I’ve been successfully printing quite a bit now but there are still some files that I have real trouble with. Anything that has a lot of small protrusions produces a print covered in ‘hair’ that is too much to clean up. Most recently I’ve been trying to print models of grass huts and bare trees. These end up with so much extra material flying off them that I can’t get them clean enough to use.

I’ve got a Taz 6 and am using nGen colorFabb filament. I’ve been reading that these sort of issues might be caused by moisture getting into the filament or perhaps retraction settings could be tweaked to minimize this issue but frankly I’m afraid to mess with advanced settings. I was hoping other other folks might have encountered this problem and would be willing to share some suggestions as to what has worked for them.



With nGen and other PETG’s, this kind of issue is seen pretty often. Here is a pretty helpful video that goes over PETG and how to print with it:

A lot of times if I experience this issue with my prints, I find that increasing the retraction distance or reducing the printing temperature by 5-10 degrees helps out a lot. You can find both of these settings under the material section in Cura 3.2.23. For the retraction distance, I find that increasing the distance by .5 - 1mm will typically do the trick.

Hope that this helps!

Thanks for the tips. I really want to print the straw hut and after 3 attempts I was ready to give up. I’ll give it a go with your suggestions and hopefully this’ll do the trick!