Filament Load/Unload Function

I recently updated my machines with Cura LE 3.6.25 and have noticed that the load and unload function chews up filament and causes severe blockages. While experimenting I had played with temps and tension, both without improvements. I have resorted to moving filament in and out with the Move Extruder menu.

Is anyone else having these issues? It seems like the feed rate is too high.

@5280_Things We have seen this issue inhouse on some of the printers. We are coming out with new firmware very shortly that corrects this with lower extrusion speeds. What printer do you have and what tool head are you using? All of our latest Firmware can be found here.

Let me know if you have issues finding your specific firmware or the firmware does not solve you issue.

@bkahl I am using a Taz 6 with an SE and a Mini 2 with the SL. Sorry for the delay (trying to get the classroom ready)

Our new firmware now has the option to select the tool with you LCD Controller! This means that you should try to find the latest firmware for your machine (TAZ 6, Mini 2) and look for the firmware that says Universal for that machine. I believe our latest firmware version number is and for Cura LE We have 3.6.25 - 10 currently up on our website, you could also try out the experimental version 3.6.25 -11