Filament Stripping

I am having a strange problem with the extruder drive. When I print at 80mm per second or higher on a large part, the filament strips out on the hobbed bolt. This always happens after the first slow layer when the speed comes up to normal on long infill runs. If I change the build speed to 60mm per second, it will print all day.

Has anyone experienced this? Could the acceleration or jerk be set to high on the extruder?

I think this is resolved.

Make sure the washer is on the outside of the hobbed bolt bearing as indicated in the picture, between the nut and bearing.

I have had sharp clicking noises coming from my extruder assembly since it was new. I recently had filament stripping problems when I would try to print a large part at high speed. I noticed the washer was misplaced after browsing the KITTAZ setup documents. The washer was installed on the filament side of that outer bearing. I am currently printing the large part I had problems with, without issue. And the clicks are gone.

Here is a video of the click: