filament temperatures and forum searches


My real question is what nozzle/bed temperatures to use for nylon and polycarb…

I would love to search and read what has already been posted (I’m guessing there has to be some discussion of these materials already…) but, the search engine says that nylon, temperature, filament, etc. return too many results.

I find this counterintuitive on a forum where the discussions must routinely contain words like temperature… :confused:

Could someone edify me as to how one should construct a search when the desired topic is: “nozzle and bed temperature for x material”


Try searching from Google with the site operator.

Like this:

Though it needs an update, the Lulzbot Filament Guide is really handy as well

Lulzbot lists temps in the TAZ user manual. These seem to be a good starting point.

Also, each manufacturer should have recommended temps on their website. I know Taulman does. Check out