Filament Width Sensor

Has anyone tried the Filament Width Sensor as shown on thingiverse? What are the thoughts on this? Does the current Mini firmware support it?

I am curious about this as well.

The latest Mini firmware from AO does have the filament width sensor support. It just needs to be activated, parameters set, and a FILWIDTH pin assigned. Recompile and flash.

What I am not understanding… Is how to connect the sensor. I think the analog inputs exist on the mini-Rambo at the 8-pin “P3” location adjacent to the LCD header locations, but have not found understandable (to me) documentation of those pins. Also not sure if the header exists on all versions of the board (I know for sure the LCD headers are not on all versions).

But I was also discouraged reading some of the comments about the sensor itself. There appeared to be some issues, particularly with transparent filament – and that would be a deal-breaker for me.

Would love to see more discussion on this. A working filament width sensor would REALLY simplify slicing – since I could always slice for 3.00mm and be done! It would also take care of filament that varies in diameter throughout the roll, but I haven’t found that to be a big issue with the brands I use.