Fillamentum jammed my printhead

Just received some Fillamentum Crystal Clear PLA, and did a successful print right out of the box. But it started raining here, and I guess this filament’s really hygrophilic, as it jammed on the second print. It’s a new ITWorks3D Aerostruder with hardened 1.75mm nozzle.

Now I have an inch of filament protruding from the extruder tube that I can’t pull out. I can push it down to a point where it just stops, but no filament emerges from the hot end, so I think there’s a big blob of PLA stuck in the middle there. Have tried 230C and lower temperatures to no avail.

Any suggestions for unclogging my nozzle?

Fixed! I heated up the hot end to 230 while holding my business card in front of the cooling fan, which must’ve warmed up the heatsink enough to free up the filament and allow a hot pull.

Next step: buy a filament dryer and check retraction settings to avoid future jams!