Firmware and how it all works Help advise welcome

ok I have 3 heads based on the Aeroe mk1 and the Aeroe Se is it possible say for the se to alter the Esteps and the pid values and save them under a name ie Aeroe Se .4 so I can then specify e values ect then when I change the head say to the Mk1 calibrate that specifically and when I change back to the Se .4 have all the setting back, without manually editing them ??

I have my Hemera setup with the PID and esteps and want to name it Hemera 0.4

I’m trying to figure out the same thing, except same head different nozzles.

I think for different heads you have to flash the firmware when swapping from one to the other.

Iggy thanks for the reply, I assume then when all adjustments have been mad pid esteps z offset notes should be taken as when you load a different head these settings are gone ?? and when you put this head back on all the setting pid esteps z offset will have to be re entered??