Firmware freezing?

I’ve had two instances in the last day of the printer stopping mid print (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours into the print) and just sitting there. Nothing on the host computer seems out of place but the menu button on the Taz won’t respond. Last night it stopped 5 hours into a print and sat there with the bed and nozzle on all night with the nozzle touching what was left of the part. Not cool. Anyway, has anyone seen an issue like this?

I’ve seen people experiance that in a couple of scenarios. Screen saver activation of one that uses the 3D resources can do the trick, especially if you are using Repetier host. Power settings to the USB ports themselves can also do the trick. Under a standard windows 7 deployment “balanced” power mode is selected by default. That will shut off the USB port if it thinks the computer isn’t activly using it. Setting the computer to “High performance” or setting the “USB power off mode” to never will alleviate that.

The last thing I have seen cause that is a print that crosses the 1:00am dateline on a computer with an Nvidia driver that transferes from Aero3d mode to standard display mode for a second while it is checking some driver componenet. I’ve seen that make a print pause before.

It turned out to be a failing power supply. They’re shipping me a new one today.