Firmware to CURA version compatibility table?

Does this exist?
What firmware version is compatible with CURA 3.6.37 & 3.6.40?

The firmware that comes with each is compatible, and is generally the best match for that version of CuraLE. The only compatibility issues with all versions though, generally comes down to how the wipes were handled, and nozzle offsets for different toolheads.

For CuraLE 3.6.x any of the Marlin 2.x versions are fine.

I think the only printer that had real issues with firmware was when they were trying different autoleveling methods in the Pro.

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Though with a Covid era taz workhorse even though it was pre leveled it was a factor until later on however from my experience about software alone they ask you if you want to keep the old one what I recommend is putting both on your screen saver