Firmware upgrade and flexystruder

I have a Taz4 that I just bought a new V2 toolhead for. I’ve not installed it yet but am wondering if the firmware flash will effect my flexystruder, which of course uses the Buda. And ideas? Thanks, Greg

Yes it will affect things. The thermistor and heater core are different so the buddaschnozzle will no longer work right unless you re flash back.

Ugh, thats what I was afraid of.

With the handy one click flashing guide the process of reflashing will take about 2min. After flashing, be sure to update your Esteps/mm through your LCD for that particular toolhead.

I hope this helps!

Does anyone know what the part numbers for the new heater and thermistor are? I’d rather flash once and leave it. Thanks.

Too easy. I got the newer heater and thermistor, drilled out the heater block a little for the new heater, and it works great without having to reflash. I even went as far as to cement in the heater with some heat conductive epoxy that is made for computer components. Heats up fast and works well.

perfect! that is fantastic motivation! I will be drilling out me budah today!