First Layer Print problems - was Promised New Steel Washers and Bed Corners

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Before the take over by FAME 3D - I had issues with multiple Desktop Mini printers - where the bottom 1st layer was printing inconsistently - (I have printed the same model - using Prusa Slicer and a Prusa MK i3 MKS and it prints perfectly every time.)

After going back and forth with support for months and adjusting z-offsets and other settings - using the latest firmware and Cura Lulzbot versions - AND they even replaced my printer (RMA) at a $150 shipping cost to me - I was still having the same problem - the problem is with the first layer not printing consistently. The print was still printing larger thicker flatter lines on the edges and thinner on the inside - I made a videos of the various issues and tests here:

The final discussion stated that they made some changes to the design and that I needed new bed corners that I could print with Ninja Flex (which I don’t have) and that these bed corners also would require new steel washers that they would send to me. I was told they would send these to me. After reaching out to support multiple times - I have not heard anything.

Can anyone from FAME 3D help me with this situation - or have more information they can share? I spent so far $1650 on this printer and I really would like to resolve this issue.

Thank you

Update: Support is back! I sent this URL thread to the support email and someone replied immediately. They are also sending me the promised pieces, looks like things may be returning to normal again. Thank you Support.

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I received the bed corners and steel washers - honestly they look exactly the same as the old ones - therefore possibly making the original theory of replacing the bed corners and washers debunked. So at this time I am adjusting z-offset settings. I went from -1.03 to now as we speak - printing with -1.20 - so I will update.

The current pics are showing what is happening now with the first layer - it is a lot worse than before - using the same GCODE that always worked. These tests were with the original z-offset and then a slightly increased one. There is a lot of separate and lifting - but not everywhere. If you guys have any idea other than the z-offset - please let me know.


Well - so far so good