Flashing latest Marlin questions

I thinking about flashing the latest Marlin release, mainly because of FW retraction support (I hope to get better ooze control with that).
Now, a few questions, hope somebody here has the answers:

The guide from Lulzbot says, choose “Arduino Mega or Mega 2560” as board. I thought we have a Rambo board in the TAZ5, which would also be a board option avaiable. So which one is right?

Configuration of Marlin:
I tried to compare Lulbot 2015Q2 with Marlin 1.1 RC2. But it’s a huge amount of code, and some definition (or at last the position where they are made) seems to be different between the releases… Can somebody guide my, which modules are important to compare and which ones are not?
I think, start with:
which else?

OK, if there is nobody I will answer my own question:

Arduino Mega or Mega 2560 is the right board. With configuration, the both header files mentioned above are enough. Only if somebody also wants to keep the boot screen then you also have to edit “dogm_lcd_implementation.h” and add the font and image of Lulzbot.

My TAZ 5 is now running Marlin 1.1 RC2 with FW retraction, much better ooze control and also the error showing a second nozzle temperature is gone :smiley: