flexy head is to cold to print

I am printing with cheetah flex and the flexy head can print it just fine however I have to crank up the heat to 234 and use the normal taz 5 firmware because the flexytaz 5 firmware will have a max temp error if it goes over 225, so now I’m printing with the flexy head but I am printing with the defalt taz 5 firmware but I noticed in the packaging that there was a warning that I needed to do a firmware update saying failure to update the firmware can damage the new tool head. is there a fix for this and what kind of damage are they taking about.

Were you able to recreate this? If so, our support team can help you modify the max temperature in the firmware. Prior to doing so, they’ll love to have more details. Reach out by emailing Support@LulzBot.com.

Hi, I called and emailed the support and I was able to get every thing working. I downloaded an older version of cura thanks for the help.