FlexyDually Marlin Preheat Constraints?

I am going to explain my question as best as I can, or to the best of my knowledge. So feel free to point fingers, laugh, and call me names.

I am looking for a way to add preheat preset values for dual extruders to a downloaded version of Marlin. e.g.:

My main goal is to enable G29 on my machine with the FlexyDually V2 and to have presets like above since I do all my printing from the SD card anyways.

All I can figure out on my own is: Within the configuration.h section of marlin is this set of lines:

  • // Preheat Constants
    #define PLA_PREHEAT_HPB_TEMP 55
    #define PLA_PREHEAT_FAN_SPEED 0 // Insert Value between 0 and 255

#define ABS_PREHEAT_FAN_SPEED 0 // Insert Value between 0 and 255

Which is perhaps what I need to alter, or add to. I just don’t know how.

I thought I saw the presets, but I can’t find them now… could be under lcd.h.

Regardless, you could alter your workflow as a workaround. Start the preheat process through the LCD, then in the slicer specify a “wait for extruder temp” before start. If the slicer doesn’t have this feature (Cura doesn’t seem to have it), add M109 S### to have the printer wait until the hotend gets to ###C.

When you start the print, the hotend temp specified in gcode will override the preheat temps from the LCD…

Thanks. I will try this out in my gcode on my next print.