flexystruder is clogged (pics)

hi, I am using cheetah flex and ran a print that was going to take all night but when I walked away it jammed and now I cant clean it no mater what I try. I have tried a cold pull and over heating and use the cleaning filament to push it out but so far the only thing that comes out is a little bit of filament that feels like a thin plastic bag.

Hello Kungpow,

For the flexystruder, you will want to feed your filament in the hot end and mark it at the top of the extruder body and then wind it out and hold it in front of the tool head, so that you can see where the clog is. If it is in the hot end or above, then the extruder body will have to come off so that you can heat the hot end to 245C and push the filament through with a 2.5mm Allen wrench.
If it is in the nozzle, then feed the filament in and heat it to 245C and let it sit for one minute and then cool the hot end to 140C and while pulling on the filament, wind the large herring bone gear clockwise, to help pull the filament. Then do this several times and see if you can get a good shape on the cold pull. If this does not help, then please get with support, to see if they can help.