Flexystruder v2 Print Settings

My flexystruder cracked and Lulzbot tells me it’s out of warranty… they gave me the STL but didn’t give me any print settings with it…

I can find the gcode for v1 but this is a version 2, can anyone tell me how to slice this thing?

Print it in abs, 85% infil or better, just on the bed as usual, no support. I would recommend using brim.

Layer thickness?

Any problem with 100%?

Depends on your nozzle, for a .5mm nozzle .40 for start, .35 for subsequent layers, or less if you want more detail.

100% should be fine if you are well dialed in and not overextruding at all. If it looks like melty warped soup after you print it you were probably overextruding.

Thanks… I really wish they sold the replacement part… feeling like I spent $300 so I’d have support if something went wrong and… yea… here I am using the very helpful community.

There’s always the other one too!


The next fun part is when you find out you need to order some drill bits to install the ptfe tube.