Folder Names

Can somebody please explain the Directory Naming convention on the download site (

I’m looking at the Easy_TAZ_Mini folder and wanting to download the files that will make up the version that will be sold (software, hardware, and printed pieces).

The same confusion exists with the flower folders in the other directories as well.



Check the ez taz mini development thread in the development section

EZ Taz mini Azalea - early prototype (model A)
EZ taz mini Begonia - Post Azelea prototype (Model B)
EZ Taz Mini Camila? - Model C,

Not sure how I missed that since I read that thread several times.

I kind of thought they might be going in Alphabetical order, which they seem to be doing.



Ya, right now we have 11 or more Begonias built and running. They are very very awesome. Automatic bed leveling. Fast, nice prints. I’m very happy with the machine. :slight_smile: Since it is built, a lot of the action is happening in Begonia right now related to things like Slic3r:

If you want to see what is closer to the latest & greatest BOM, you should check out Camellia:

But that BOM is wrong! It is what we had considered for Camellia. But we’re stripping a lot out of the BOM (no LCD, etc) to drive the price as low as we can and still have a fully functioning machine that prints well & fast painlessly. So the BOM that we’re considering is more like this:

That will move over to Camellia in the next week or so, along with an updated production schedule. Also, it is just the “LulzBot Mini” now. I’m really looking forward to releasing this machine, it quite rocks. :slight_smile:


Also note, rsync is available. For the Mini, it would be:


That directory is 34G now.


I will probably end up buying one, even though I have a Taz 4, because they sound interesting (and cute!).

I was interested in the software because I’m trying to hook up a Beaglebone and 4d-systems 7inch display (a tad on the slow side) and was having issues with getting OctoPrint to run the way I wanted. So I wanted to see what you guys are doing.

But, right now you are using A20’s from Olimex (I assume because you aren’t allowed to use BeagleBone’s in commercial products). I really don’t want to buy an A20 and an Olimex display since I already have several BeagleBone’s and 4d-System displays, and Olimex’s statements about Linux not being as well supported as Android kind of puts me off.

So, I’m following with great interest.


Have you guys considered releasing a combination 3d-printer quadcopter yet? It could fly places and then perch and make more quadcopterprinters! The Mini is almost small enough you could do that.

I think that’s too much weight for one quadcopter. How about making 2 types of quadcopters? One would carry the printer mechanism, and the other would carry the filament. Then they would perch together and create little quadcopterprinters.

I like it!