Force slic3r to always draw a test line before actual print?

On the makerbot it will draw a line a filament at the beginning just to get the flow started. Can slic3r be made to do that always too? Sorry, I’m really new to all this gcode stuff.

Slic3r has that option! It’s located at:
Slic3r > Print Settings >Skirt and brim > Skirt

Loops: Number of loops for the priming line you are looking for, around the part.

Distance from object: How far away from the part (useful with skirt height)

Skirt height: Normally set to “1”. You can also use this setting to create a shell around your part, to help hold heat in.

Minimum extrusion length: If you’re printing a smaller part, this setting will ensure that the hot end melting chamer is fully loaded with filament and extruding when it switches to printing the part. I typically use a 30-50mm value.