Forgot to record my e steps and z offset before firmware upgrade

hi im totally new to this havent completed one print yet with my lulzbot mini v1
purchased from a guy that installed the flexitruder head, can i not use ABS with this head then?

So in order to use ABS i need to change the head back to stock?

Also i accidentally ran the firmware update without recording my E steps or Z offset how do i find out what those were?

thank you for any help

You can only print flexible filaments with the Flexystruder – ABS requires the standard print head. Swapping is easy, provided you have the correct hex allen wrenches (Metric - don’t even THINK ABOUT trying it with anything else - you’ll ruin the socket in the screws, and you’ll be unable to get them out entirely, and that makes a bad, bad day!).

E-Steps are printed on a sticker on the back of the tool-head.

Z-offset is not printed anywhere, so you’ll have to figure that out for yourself. But you’d have to do that after swapping the tool-head anyway, so no harm done.

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You can work out the E-steps by following the instructions located here:

The bit of instructions which I think are wrong is step 10 (add 7mm or subtract 7mm for each mm of under or over-extrusion). Instead, just work out the percentage.

E.g. if your E-steps were at 420 per mm (my printer defaults to that) and it under-extrudes by 1mm over 100mm then you’d need to increase by about 1% (or about 4.2 steps/mm).

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