I having problems with my printer sometimes freezing mid print. I have yet to determine what is causing this problem.

I am running both Printrun and Repetier-Host, and both seem to have unpredictable connection issues. Sometimes the connection is dropped during a print and my printer is not responsive. Other times the program will actually crash and I will have to force quit. Since both programs are behaving similarly, there might be conflict with the operating system or firmware? Do these programs still run when the computer is in sleep mode?

I am running on an iMac with the latest Mountain Lion 10.8.3. I have an A0-100 with Marlin.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I am also running. OSX 10.8.3 and I have had no problems, but power save features need to be turned off.

That could be the source of the problem then. I have my computer set to sleep mode after an hour, which is about when the printer hangs up. However, sometimes the host application just freezes while I am configuring the printer.

For now I’m printing from the SD card. It seems much more reliable.

If you want to turn the computer off or use it for something that requires a lot of resources it is better to use the SD card print option.

You’ll definitely want to keep your Mac from going to sleep. I printed quite a few prints from my 2011 MacBook Pro using Pronterface without any issues. I’d recommend getting “Caffeine” from the Mac App Store - it’s a free app that’ll show up in your menu bar. You just click the menu bar icon so it shows a full cup of coffee and your Mac will never go to sleep. Once the print is done, you just click it again and then your Mac is back to using your regular sleep settings.

This won’t help with your apps freezing or crashing, but it’s quite handy for those long print sessions.

  • Adam

Same here, I’m not experiencing any problems. :confused:
Hope you get them fixed soon.

I have an AO-101. My printer was stopping mid print and wouldn’t resume the print due to power fluctuations. A UPS solved my problem.