Funky divets in recent prints

Hey everyone,

So I’m noticing this weird strips up the side(s) of my recent print. The first strip is barely noticeble (it would be facing +y on the print bed), thought the second is quite pronounced (this is facing mostly -x).

I’m not sure if it’s a bed level issue (which I stink at) or if it’s maybe a belt issue? has anyone else run into this?

That’s odd. You can sometimes see what will look like a raised line on a 3d printed part if it is set to start the layer in the same spot each time, but a pair of divots is unusual. I’d suspect something in the STL file itself. is it something you can post somewhere?

Hey piercet,

Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:!

Posted the file below.

And so the original creator gets their props here’s a link to the download:

I used slicer and tweaked a couple settings for the “medium” preset from Lulzbot.
bottleOpener02.stl (119 KB)

There is an odd shallow divot in the model at those locations. It’s not much, and it doesn’t look like it goes that high, but it’s there in netfabb. I think it’s related to how they sliced out that notch.

Ahh really?

Oh yipes, I just opened this in MeshMixer and now what you’re saying O_O!

Thanks for helping me sort this piercet :slight_smile:. I was worried that this would affect my later prints!

No problem, I know how that goes heh. Happy printing!