Gaps in print line after travel move

Hey all,

Have a curious problem that I am struggling to fix. When my print head makes a travel move it doesnt immediately start laying down filament. I assume this is related to retraction extra prime amount but I have changed that setting from 0 to 0.3 to no avail. I am less concerned with the stringing for now, which I assume is related to print temp and retraction distance (205C and 3mm for now). I am using PolyLite PLA, Taz 6 single extruder 0.5mm, and on the high speed cura profile which sets the initial layer height to 0.425mm. I seem to have this problem with every model I print and can’t figure it out, it even happens with the standard quality profile too (0.2mm layer height).

Any help would be most welcome! (I have ordered a new nozzle in case that is the issue.)

1st layer print gaps

Go ahead and disable combing in Cura. Combing will keep travel movements within already printed areas and while doing this, does not retract the filament prior to movements.

Disabling combing in Cura under the travel options and also checking the box that says retract before outer wall should help or even eliminate this on your prints.


Thanks muchly! I’ll stick to this forum from now on for issues, looks like a great resource.

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Much better. Still small gap but zero stringing. I watched the print head as it reaches those gaps and it makes a retract move before it reaches the end of the line. I’m at a point where I can now mess with individual settings one at a time and see how they affect the first layer and overall print retractions.

I’ll let this current print finish up before I mess with anything further though. Thanks for the help.

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