gCode for z-height calibration?

As I’m sure we all do, I’m always having to fiddle around starting/cancelling prints to get the 1st layer z-height correct as it changes with use, filament, etc. I’m using a Taz 6.

What I’d like is some gcode I could run that would just simply extrude a single .2mm high line, then 3 lines together like a solid would, so I can take measurements and adjust my z-offset and reprint until it’s dialed in. Then run the actual model through the slicer and it should be bang on. Is there some simple gCode like that or do I have to actually design something in cad and slice the stl using a filament profile?

I’m going to try to figure it out but if anybody has something already done it would be helpful.

Before we had automatic bed leveling standard on our printers, we needed to manually adjust the bed height. We used this STL file, which prints a single line height: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/juniperberry/production_parts/calibration/bed_calibration.stl

Feel free to scale it in the Z direction to get whatever height you would like to calibrate for.