Getting axis shift on Taz 5 all of the sudden

Hey everyone, this has just started happening this morning. The blank spaces in the middle are supposed to be filled in by the double-triangle looking shapes (like the on the second to the left on the top left), but 90% of them are offset by being too much to the left or right. Has this happened to anyone else? I have no idea what has caused it as I’ve never had a single problem with this printer ever before.

There are three things that can cause axis shift.

  1. A belt is loose in the direction of the shift, tighten the belt and inspect the belt path for damage
  2. A belt pully is loose in the direction of the shift. Even if the belt is tight, this symptom can still present if the setscrews in the pulley itself are loose or missing.
  3. Electronic overheating of the motor driver. Usually caused by having a printer in an enclosure with inadequate electronics venting, the main enclosure fan failing, or one of the on board heat sinks falling off.

The first two I checked and nothing’s wrong with them. I checked the main fain that’s attached to the enclosure and that’s also fine. I checked for any fallen heatsinks, but everything’s attached. Anything else that could be causing it?

Printing from a computer and the computer partially locked up mid print and then recovered?

That can’t be it, I was printing through SD card at the time.

In that case it’s almost certanly one of those first three things. The only other thing I have seen cause that was a motor shaft failure where the shaft was still in the motor housing, but snapped off from the motor core.

could possibly be an intermittent break in the stepper wires, however that is unlikely.

your belt could have missing teeth/tooths.
make sure the axis involved moves smoothly by hand.
make sure the stepper isn’t over heating.
reformat your sd card.

might have just been a freak accident. try printing it again.