getting something strait, I cant make circles

The other night I did a test print with a Benchie and it came out near perfect (aside from not printing out the text on the stern). Now when ever I make something with a circle, it comes out shifted. Right as the Y-axis table is about to start going back, I swear I can see the stepper motor give one last nudge and it ends up making a shifted half circle instead of a nice constant arc like it first used to do.

Ive retensioned the belt and it now makes a nice bass note as I’ve seen in many instructions. No slack can been seen from the bearings and the table dose not twist. Ive added an image of what im having happen. i know is slight, but when you try to make things that are supposed to go together, its a big issue

You may want to verify that the pulley on the Y axis motor has the 1.27mm Allen set screw, tight against the flat of the motor shaft. Please make sure to use the flat of the Allen wrench as the ball end will strip the set screw.
Just in case the pulley is slipping on the shaft.

all set screws are tight

So after many adjustments and talking with others, have found that it was as i was suspecting, a math error with Lulzbot Cura. works perfectly with MatterControl

well, i thought it fixed it but it hasn’t. circles still come out shifted. Im kind of at my wits end here. Ive had this thing for just over a month (April 15 off Amazon)

The motors also make a buzzing/ticking sound. It was sugested that the stepper motors power settings may have gotten changed in the firmware. I have been trying to get anything to load up whats on the machine to try and see whats it set at but for what ever reasons I cant go that rout either. Ive tried reloaded the default firmware but makes no change.

Stepper current isn’t available from the outside of the firmware, it’s hard-coded at compile time. If you reflashed, you have correct stepper currents. It is possible to set digipots current for steppers on a RAMBo using gcodes, but you’d have to add them manually in your start gcode and you’d probably know if you had? I have no idea how steppers fail if they start breaking down, but this might be a sign?

ive just been trying to figure this issue out with little luck.

The only other thing I can think of is that I cooked something on the Mini-Rambo board. the plug for the main cooling fan of the board did come lose so the fan was not working for the time of my doing a high quality print of a benchi from ABS for 1h40min.