Ghosting On Print

I have been getting pretty bad ghosting effects on my prints. I was wondering if this could be because of poor tension on my belts or if it’s caused by something else. Any help? Thanks.

Lets see. For starters. the little nubby things you have on the print are due to layer start points set to randomized on external perimiter. Set the start points to an internal perimiter, they will then be buried inside the model and not visible.

Next, what’s your infill at? that could be heat related sagging into a void space.

It’s possible that is belt tension related, you can check that by printing a calibration object from thingiverse with circular holes in it. if those holes are out of round, whichever direction the hole is squished is the direction you want to tighten the belt.

The most likely cause though is rod skipping. If the bearings have any debris or dirt in them, or if you accidentally tried lubricating the self lubricating igus bearings, they could be gummed up, and have enough friction that they are sticking as they slide along the rods. If thats the case, cleaning and or bearing replacement may be warrented.

Or you can replace them entirely with openrail segments if you prefer the overkill approach.

Thank for your reply I will try and figure it out. I am hoping to do the openrail upgrade once you have yours all figured out and get some nice instructions :wink:

It seems as though my belts need to be tightened. Whats the best procedure to follow for doing this?

You cna go a couple of routes. There are add in belt tensioners you can install for X and Y axis, If you don’t want to deal with that, you just unscrew one end of the belt clamp, then take a pair of needlenose pliers and grab the loose belt end and roll it up along the nose of the pliers with the jaws closed, putting tension on the belt as you go. once it’s tight enough (should make a dull “twang” sound when you pluck it) you tighten the bolt back down and then let the loose end go from the pliers.