GLCD / rambo board not powered without usb?

Am I missing something simple here? I cannot get my GLCD controller or the rambo board to power on without being plugged in to my pc via usb. I have reset the board with the small button above the usb, is this supposed to tell the board to get power via the PSU and not usb? Is there a specific order i must follow in powering on / off the PSU, rambo switch, rambo button, glcd and pc?

I can print from the GLCD if I am plugged in via usb but of course this defeats the purpose.


Hello Eric!

Inside the electronics enclosure on the left hand side of the RAMBo board (by the USB port) is a 2 pin jumper with two positions. In the picture below it’s labeled as “Power Select”. Make sure the jumper is in the “PSU” position and not "USB’

beautiful. thanks!