Hardware or Firmware

I’ve worked to dial in my two taz 5’s to be able to run from the same profile, which saves me a little hassle. However, I’ve finally confirmed something I’ve suspected for a while. One printer is slower than the other. On a 3 hr print, it’s about 15 minutes off printing the identical gcode sent at the same time. Same firmware. So is there something in the printer settings that I may of accidentally changed that would cause one printer to be slower?

Try running M501 on both. It’ll read out your stored EEPROM settings for acceleration and jerk, as well as some other stuff. If your slicer doesn’t output any commands to override these defaults (e.g. M204 M205), they could very well be different from one printer to the other, and have an effect on your prints. You can fix it two ways: Either insert something like

M204 P[printing_accel] R[retract_accel] T[travel_accel]
M205 X[xy_jerk] Z[z_jerk]

into your start g-code, or perform the same commands in the terminal, followed with M500 to save the values to EEPROM and set them as your defaults.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try

Accel was 500 on the slower taz, and 1000 on the faster one. All other settings were the same.