Have I just fried my Taz 6 Help

Ok I had a Aero head on I put the Sl head on and updated the firmware then I smelt heat the head was smoking Uber Hot ripped the power out cooled the Head with a fan very hot switched the taz back on screen just blue, tried to connect to cura didn’t work, so then I thought id put the original aero head back on, switched on again just blue screen BUT The head was heating up quick… caught it before it over heated switched taz back on just blue screen tried without the head on Blue screen any advise where to look before I open it up?? Room sticks now of very hot metals………

Are you sure that you put the head on correctly? Maybe it was reversed? It shouldn’t heat until you tell it to heat.

If you’re getting a blank screen with no toolhead attached, then yes, something is likely fried in the printer.

…also, the SL head requires an adapter to use with the Taz 6. Did you use the adapter?

Yes I used the Adapter I only flashed the firmware and it melted ie thermal runaway it was only by chance I cought it before melt down… now if I put any head on it starts to heat up and theres no control… before I stip the controls Id like some heads up what might have gone is it a short is it the main board ??

I thought thermal runaway wouldn’t happen in Marlin??

yes it was plugged in correctly using the official wiring adapter to the SL Head

Filed a Request for support after Frying my Taz 6 still waiting, good job I fixed it myself,