Have not used printer in 8 months - Any tips on restarting?

I have a Mini-2. I have not printed with it in 8 months or so. There is apartial reel of PolyLite PLA in it.

Anything special I should do when starting? I don’t want a clog or any other problems. My hands are such that doing anything that might require disassembly is a real problem. Last time when I had to take the head apart a spring got lost and I had to send the head back to the factory, I don’t want to do that again, just getting the head off and back onto the machine was a struggle.

Thanks for any help

If the reel of PLA has been out in the air for 8 months, it probably will need to be dried out.

I’d wipe down the bed and corner washers with IPA.

The nozzle should be heated to around 200c (or the temperature you last used to print) then manually extrude filament (increments of 10mm). If successful, lower the temperature to around 100c and manually pull the filament out (this is called a cold pull and the end of the filament should look like the inside of the nozzle). Heat the nozzle back to around 200c and (carefully) clean it with a Scotch Brite pad.

Using the dried filament (or a new spool of filament), you should now be able to print. The printer should successfully complete its autolevel.

If you have problems completing these steps, let us know where and we can try and help.

Thanks - somewhat what I expected except for the cold pull par - but the room is a low humidity room about 35% now and has been this for some time

When I do a cold-pull, I loosen the tension adjustment on the idler arm – then use one hand to pull-back the idler arm (so it isn’t being gripped by the hobb gear) and pull up with the other hand.

It sometimes helps to let the filament cool until it solidifies… then re-warm it … but pull on it as it warms… so it releases and pulls up just when it gets warm enough.

Don’t forget to re-tension the idler arm (I usually adjust mine to about 1/3rd of the way in.)

If you can heat the filament and extrude a fair amount without hearing or seeing any popping and hissing (there are some videos of “wet” vs. “dry” filament), then you can perhaps skip the drying step.