heating block not heating up to the right temp

hi, I have noticed one of my printers has been under extruding and I could not figure out why for the life of me but I decided to use an infrared thermometer and found out the printer that has been working is reaching temps as high as 256 while the printer that is failing is only reaching temps as high as 175 these temps where both made when I set both printers to 227 so there both off but in completely different ways is there any way I can fix this?

If the printer is older the heater itself could be dying. They are very cheap to replace so that is always an option. you cna also do a PID auto tune and see if that helps


ok so I switched out the hot end on the head and tried putting the new head on a 3rd printer and it is still printing a lower temp then it says it is.

I’ve never been able to get identical temps when using my IR Thermometer.
I always figured it was because my Thermometer wasn’t calibrated for use on metal.
They also only read the surface.

“If you were to point an infrared thermometer with fixed emissivity at the side of a stainless steel pot filled with boiling water, for example, you might get a reading closer to 100°F (38°C) than 212°F (100°C). That’s because the shiny metal is better at reflecting the ambient radiation of the room than it is at emitting its own infrared radiation.”

You will also see this issue on your own skin. These Thermometers need to be calibrated for different materials.
I will test mine with a contact thermometer (Thermapen) this weekend and report back.