Heating up sudedenly seems much slower

The other day I replaced the fan in the psu on my taz 4, the original one was making a bit of noise. Since around that time, it seem like my Taz takes much longer to heat up, both the bed and the nozzle. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi gghouck,

Chances are something else in the PSU may have been affected during that work inside. If the issue persists, I would suggest contacting support@lulzbot.com with your original order number, the printer’s serial number (located on the back of the electronics case), and your current shipping address and phone number. Most likely they will help you get a replacement PSU.

I’m not sure how, but it’s certainly possible. It still works, have printed a few multiple-hour parts with great success. There wasn’t much to changing the fan out, not sure what I could have messed up.

I opened the unit up and it seems the volt selection switch had connections that were cold-soldered and the switch was disconnected. Its been fixed, i’ll see if that makes a difference

Definitely the problem, now it heats up faster than before, maybe even faster than it ever has.

Yes in some of the cases, there is some procedure for heating, so, it take some time while the process is been complete.