Help building new firmware for Mini 1 with new E3D (longer) Hotend?

I replaced the hotend with an E3D model which is 5.5 mm longer. I’ve followed directions and I am trying to compile the firmware that I got off of the lulzbot ftp site. When I try to compile it after adjusting the Z_MAX_POS (from 159 to 153.5), and filling out the new PIDTEMP values, I get the compile errors in yellow for :

Building in release mode
  File "D:\Marlin\LulzBot Mini\PlatformIOAddons\generate_version_header_for_marlin", line 43

    except Exception, e:


SyntaxError: invalid syntax

and then the error in red:

Processing printrboard (platform: teensy; framework: arduino; board: teensy20pp)
Error: Unknown board ID 'teensy20pp'

I’ve programmed my Ender 3 Pro a couple dozen times with the number of tweaks and addons for that thing with plenty of leg work - but I’m not sure where this is getting the teensy platform, or if that’s even right at all. The board in my Mini is a MiniRambo board I believe (stock) and I’ve read that correlates to Mega 2560 ATmega1280 which is the first board listed in the platformio.ini file…

I’m guessing the “Generate version header for marlin” is failing on the first few boards and skips to the teensy which is perhaps missing something but not a syntax so it fails there even though it is unrelated. Is there some other area to download the firmware files for the Mini1? I downloaded a marlin-master file from lulzbot but only see specific models and Mini1 isn’t one of them.

The master platformio.ini file has these models:

src_dir      = Marlin
boards_dir   = buildroot/share/PlatformIO/boards
default_envs =  

How do I compile the Mini1 firmware if I cannot find proper instructions. Granted the unit is old and most people don’t repair them - but I’ve spent a lot of time replacing all the wires and making my own 3D fan mounts and such - only to be bitten by this firmware grrrr… :slight_smile: