Help, extruder is not running

I used to run TH3D 1.9 Unified Firmware on my Ender 3 as I was using an ABL. I recently got a Titan Aero Extruder and tried to install it. I bought a random 24v Nema 17 Stepper motor online and connected it. I then flashed my firmware to unified firmware 2.1d, enabled Ender3, my mount, the titan aero extruder settings as well as the hotend settings in the firmware and flashed it again.

Heating up the hotend and calibrating the ABL was no problem. But when I went to -> prepare -> move axis -> extruder and tried to move it… but nothing happens. I tried 3 different cables and 3 different stepping motors (including the original ender 3 stock cable and stock motor) but it isnt moving. I flashed back to 1.9 Firmware, the one I had before, disabling all the titan aero settings and still nothing is moving.

I tried to take someones advise and turned the stepping motor as fast as I could manually; it didnt light the display up but it made the part cooling fan move. The board at least doesnt look damage and doesnt smell burned.

What could it be? I am not too tech savvy and am learning by doing, so please take it slow :slightly_smiling_face: Any advise is very much appreciated!

I’m not sure this LulzBot forum is the best place to get answers about a non-LulzBot printer.