HELP :( Table mounts removed

Hi everyone!

I removed the table mounts at the bed plate and I don’t know the measurements where to put them back at the frame
I need help :blush:

My printer is a TAZ6

This is easier than it looks. With the machine powered off, move the x axis to home, then move the bed y axis until it contacts the back limit switch. Now line the lower left leveling washer Up with the nozzle, then tighten your mounts. Turn the printer back on run it through a leveling and see if things line up, adjust as needed.

Actually step 9 of the OHAI Taz 6 Final Assembly gives you the measurement/distance for where the mount goes. They use a jig but do give the distance/length they are.

Thank u!!! I took your advice and it works well :smiley:

Thank u! :slight_smile:
By the way, do you know where can I get the files of the jig? or the one for the squad ruler?
I would like to print at least one (just in cases like this).

They are in

You’re welcome!