Help. TAZ 5 Head Pulls up already laid Filament

I am noticing as my head travels it pulls up the filament that has already been laid. The bed is leveled and the print head is aligned correctly. I so far noticed this with PLA and ABS. What do I need to look at ? I am using the standard print profiles provided in Cura and I am not sure what to look for next. My bed temperatures are standard too. Is this a retraction issue? I was thinking the filament is not hot enough so when the head goes to travel it can’t detach the filament. Maybe I should raise head temp?

What do you guys think?

Thanks a lot.


You could go slightly closer to the bed, and bump the bed temperatures up 5 degrees. For ABS try 110.

Adjust your z-offset screw. Put a folded piece of paper or an unfolded index card under the nozzle. There should be slight pressure on the paper as you pull it out from under the nozzle. Keep adjusting the z-height screw until that happens.

Your height is in the “too high” category from the pics in this guide:

Well my z height is tight. The paper has a lot of resistance between the bed and the nozzle head. I don’t think z height is the issue. Maybe retraction speed?? I don’t think this is the issue because I am using the Cura defaults for everything.

Any other suggestions? Thanks.


Have you tried 1500-2000 grit sandpaper ‘lightly’ on the bed yet.

It really looks like the nozzle is not close enough to the bed. Set the initial layer thickness a little smaller if you’re confident your Z height adjustment is on. For ABS I use Elmers purple gluesick and it works great.

You might also check the z-height by homing Z at several different places on the bed using the paper under the nozzle. If the bed really is level they should all be the same as far as the friction on the paper when you’re pulling it out from under the nozzle.

I don’t think there are any retractions going on during the printing of that outline so retraction speed shouldn’t come into play there.

Can you measure the height of those lines using a set of calipers and post here? Those lines look like the head is a tad too high. I know you’re saying you have it set right but the picture ‘looks’ otherwise.

I can tell by looking at your photo that your Z axis is too high. As suggested just turn it down a tiny bit more.

If it only happens in certain spots then it means your bed is not level.

Keep in mind that if the nozzle is too high, that doesn’t necessarily mean your z-stop is set too high, there is also an entry in your slicing profile that allows you to fine-tune the first layer height. You can also try and bump up the initial layer line width. Try bumping it up to 110 or 120%

Yep, but the OP says he’s using the standard print profiles which would indicate the initial later height is .425. That being the case those lines are a little too thick.

The OP seems to have asked for suggestions, then disappeared.