Help Trouble Print Head & Fans after Disassembly

Hi all, my Taz 5 has been working great. Yesterday I noticed it starting to not print properly and on inspection I saw the idler carriage was broken. I had a spare ready, so I pulled apart the print head, and also found a cracked main body with I also repaired. I then put it all back together. It seemed to go back togother reasonable easily.

But when I started to a print both the extruder end and part cooling fans are not working and also even though Cura on my PC is saying the temps are 250 degrees (for ABS) the head is hot but doesn’t seem hot enough. When I manually start pushing the filament though, it will extruder through but its quite hard to push it.

I have checked over what i can see but cant spot anything obvious. Has anyone got any ideas on how I could go about trouble shooting it? I am reasonably handy with electronics etc.

Any ideas most welcome!!

Postscript, whilst typing the above post, the large part cooling fan has just come on?