Help with cura who has a mind of its own

Please help I’m about to smash either my laptop or my taz or both to pieces. It keeps doing a hop whenever there is a layer change or a retraction. I’ve give through cura multiple times and turned all that I could possibly think of that would make it hop off and it still does it. Even re flashed the firmware. Still does this slow ass hop that only creates stringing because there is filament oozing out as it does this little sissy slow hop. I don’t know what setting that could be I have everything with a “lift” in it off or any other word that could mean for the Toolhead to raise up.

Any of these checked?


I think it’s something from the firmware that I have enabled because it’s doing the exact same thing when I slice it with prusa slicer. So not that it’s just lifting up but in the same spot at the same speed with 2 different slivers so it has to be something I enabled or is enabled in the firmware. I’m using drunkem octopus with bl touch single extruder for the Taz 5. But the only thing I messed with was backlash compensation and that was like 3 days ago. Don’t know what else I could have turned in because the only setting I go into is mesh bed leveling.

Figured it out if anyone else has the same problem. I had checked off " avoid printed parts" so that was causing it to be up in the air more than print. But everything is good now. And if you don’t have a bltouch or any other sensor that can do mesh leveling you’re not using your Taz to its full potential. I’ve had blto8ches on other printers but didn’t make that much of a difference but since the Taz has such a big print area and horrible horrible small springs and horrible design for the print bed the bl touch makes a huge difference. I loved my taz the way it was over my prusa bear but love it even more now