Help with Green ABS

I am struggling to print a part in Green ABS (see attached).

Hot end = 230 deg. Bed = 110 deg. Full enclosure controlled at 35 deg. I have measured filament diameter and changed settings accordingly.

ANy ideas?

Try 240 or 245 for temp.

I was going to say 245 minimum and no fan. The defaults in Cura should work If they have not been changed from the download.

OK, I’m an idiot.

I added a second fan to my Taz and at 100% the fans were cooling the head down to 180 degrees.

I have now set fan max to 50% and it’s printing OK.

Thank’s for your response.


ABS almost never needs any cooling. Cooling it actually makes lifting and layer seperation worse. You only want to have any cooling with ABS when you are printing a bridge, or when you are printing a very small part section. Otherwise it will generally harm the print.