Help with MOARstruder error: Tool head not stopping at Z endstop

Installed and flashed the firmware.

When the MOARstruder begins the leveling process, the tool head is a bit off center and pushes the Z endstop button and continues until I shut it off. It happened twice.

Any suggestions? I tested endstop status and it was triggered when I pushed it down but not when the tool head touches it.


That’s an electrical connection issue most likely. It’s possible the nozzle is electrically isolated from the heater block, but it’s more likely that the ground wire is loose or disattached at that block or at the harness pin. You can check by tracing the wire from the block to the harness plug, and then using a multimeter to check for conductivity. If it works with other heads fine the harness and the bed are likely wired ok.

It should be hitting the switch pretty close to the center of its surface, if not I would contact support about this if the tool-head is still in warranty.